Electronic Cigarette
A Healthier Alternative to Smoking

Premium E Cigarettes is based in Virginia Beach, and is one of the leading distributors of electronic cigarettes in USA and Western Europe, under Premium E-cigarettes brand. The Company was established in 2008 and has invested heavily on research and development of a two-part and single piece electronic cigarette in order to bring to the market an outstanding range of nicotine alternative products. With a warehouse in the USA, Premium E-cigarettes has quickly expanded to grab a healthy market share in the electronic cigarette industry worldwide.

Premium E-cigarettes is well known for its signature cartridge flavor. Tobacco, Menthol and other flavor variations. Premium E-cigarettes is the only company worldwide that provides a unique line of custom design batteries, and provides the largest selection of color for electronic cigarettes and accessories in the industry. It also is one of the very few companies that regularly test refill cartridges in a FDA certified chemical laboratory.